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For over 20 years, our business has provided excellence. We strive to create value for our customer. We are always looking ahead.

Over 20 Years

We have a One-stop solution for suppliers to cover multiple applications in China. We break this down to four components, firstly is our experience and reach across verticals. Number two is how we have over 20 locations, 18 of which are in China, this links closely to our demand creation and relentless focus on ensuring that we are on the leading edge of technology before it even hits the market. Lastly but not least is our collaboration with the world-renowned IngDan, IngDan is also part of our parent company the Cogobuy group.

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The Comtech team made a major breakthrough in the POS machine market.  We completed the design verification of PAX’s Wifi+MCU chip used in their compact devices. Alongside the engineering assistance, we helped rush the new POS to market through our relationship with the factory.  This resulted in the top three Chinese POS customers placing bulk orders.


Together with the Mobileye team, we were able to successfully deploy the Mobileye 630 into Hong Kong’s public light buses, taxis and public utility vehicles. Through strategic marketing, we were also able to help Mobileye join the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint Program to accelerate the Cogobuy Group’s unmanned driving deployment.


Skyworth’s Set-top box division is always looking to add convenience to their customers like voice integration requiring on-device Far-field microphone arrays, in combination with low powered wake words and speech analysis. We helped them integrate SoundAI’s industry-leading (70% domestic market share) chipset and voice algorithm module. We are a leading agent for SoundAI whose clients include Xiaomi, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Lenovo, and Huawei.


The Comtech team successfully integrated Microsoft’s Azure solution into Kangmei’s Health Cloud. We completed cloud deployment across their entire line of business, realised light asset operations, greatly improved product development iteration efficiency, and helped Kangmei see new and lucrative market opportunities.


Our engineers integrated RockChip’s multicore processor chip into Sogou’s Travel Translator. We helped speed up the development cycle and improved the deep learning ability based on neural network compression by optimising the hardware solution. With AI and deep learning algorithms, the Sogou device can provide offline translation capabilities.


We supported the low power embedded (MCU) design for Ingenics camera module. By providing a complete technical software and hardware solution, we were able to help optimise the power efficiency facilitating a prolonged battery life, vital to this portable market sector. Impressively we achieved all this while reducing the device cost, paving the way for the successful white label distribution by Xiaomi, 360 and Huawei.

Comtech accurately identified the domestic smart speaker potential and teamed up with Winbond during there creation of the Tmall Genie, white labelled for Alibaba. We successfully applied advanced semiconductor designs W29N01HVSINA + W631GG6MB-12 to the Genie. The core deliverables are white labelled across the smart speaker landscape and have been approved by Tencent, Xiaomi, Baidu and other customers.

DiDi Chuxing

Our team were able to help DiDi, configure, commission, deploy and service Mellanox’s end-to-end 25GbE and 100GbE Ethernet networks into their data centre backbone. We helped divide network traffic to ensure zero packet loss, wire-speed performance buffering and port combination prediction of port and packet size. All this resulted in an up to 90% speed reduction in latency, ultimately enhancing the end user experience.


We provided a senior FAE technical team with the majority having over a decade of practical experience in PCB design to assist in the gradual switch over of Longqi’s design platform to Allegro’s. This resulted in significant efficiencies and desirability of the PCB design. With our help, Longqi became one of Huawei’s design service providers facilitating them to retain the lead in the domestic OEM design market.


Innosilicon specialises in high-performance PHY and mixed-signal IP process nodes for data mining. Our FAE team conducted on-site technical support to help with core functions such as system migration and SPI communication, as low-power requirements and cost considerations are critical to this market. With our help, Innosilicon achieved the leading product index of 30.2Ghs 750W.

Meituan Dianping

Meituan’s 600 million user, many-to-one network needed to expand their use of big data and AI decision making through network congestion management and controls. We assisted in the deployment including the configuration, commissioning and delivery of Mellanox’s end-to-end 25GbE Ethernet network to divide all network traffic with performance buffering along with reducing latency by up to 90%


Over the past five years, Comtech’s Realtek FAE team has provided technical support and product consulting services, product upgrades and business transformation. Recently we helped successfully apply Realtek to Fiberhome’s OLT central office equipment achieving a faster, efficient, economical and intelligent information network path for their apartment/park business line.

& Thousands more …

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The large suppliers and distributors normally only focus on providing high-quality IC and other electronic components to 3,000 blue-chip customers which is only minority of the market. The SMEs are lack of resources that they cannot obtain competitive prices from components suppliers and efficiently manage the procurement process.

Success Stories

How do you measure success? Find out why our customers love us so much and the amazing things we have done with them over the last 20 years. We have delivered some truly innovative stuff that has been handled by literally billions of people. We love what we have helped build, and the positive impact we have made on the world over the last 20 years and are looking forward to developing the next 20 years with you.

Global Scale

Think global act local has helped us build the multinational brand we are today, from our humble beginnings we still retain what made us special.  We genuinely listen to our customers and suppliers around the world, bridging more than land to embrace languages and cultures, culminating in an unprecedented personal touch from a multinational corporation that cares.

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