Core Competencies

For over 20 years, our business has provided excellence. We strive to create value for our customer. We are always looking ahead.

One Stop Solution

We have a One-stop solution for suppliers to cover multiple applications in China. We brake this down to four components, firstly is our experience and reach across verticals. Number two is how we have over 20 locations, 18 of which are in China, this links closely to our demand creation and relentless focus on ensuring that we are on the leading edge of technology before it even hits the market. Lastly but not least is our collaboration with the world-renowned IngDan, IngDan is also part of our parent company the Cogobuy group.

It’s all about the &

Verticals & Innovation

We are always looking ahead, like all good companies we know our market verticals trajectory. What makes us stand out is our truly holistic vision of the future which we achieve through being at the cutting edge of new verticals. Because of this, we can provide our suppliers with access to the next big markets before the world knows what they are. The future is unwritten, and we have been helping companies build it for over 20 years.

Sales Coverage

Think global, act locally nicely outlines our mission, we have eighteen distribution offices across China to provide an unprecedented level of service to our customers. Working with the very best suppliers from all over the world we truly understand both sides of the sales cycle. We address challenges in the way we execute best, creative solution orientated thinking.

Demand Creation

We have been working with bluechip companies for over 20 years across almost every vertical and deliver countless projects around the wold.   We see the tremendous opportunity for us to provide components into the emerging industries.  We are all about the process and delivering value for the rapidly and relentlessly approaching future

IngDan 硬蛋

IngDan leverages the sharing economy model to provide or connect all services needed by intelligent device innovators, ranging from technology to manufacturing, to venture capital and financing, to promotion and marketing, to physical experiencing centers. It is a world connector and now the largest platform from China serving smart device communities worldwide.

Create Your Own Story

The time to start is today, why wait till tomorrow.  We offer thought-provoking consultations to help you see things from a unique perspective. Our engineers have the experience and track record to help deliver on your vision.

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The large suppliers and distributors normally only focus on providing high-quality IC and other electronic components to 3,000 blue-chip customers which is only minority of the market. The SMEs are lack of resources that they cannot obtain competitive prices from components suppliers and efficiently manage the procurement process.

Success Stories

How do you measure success? Find out why our customers love us so much and the amazing things we have done with them over the last 20 years. We have delivered some truly innovative stuff that has been handled by literally billions of people. We love what we have helped build, and the positive impact we have made on the world over the last 20 years and are looking forward to developing the next 20 years with you.

Global Scale

Think global act local has helped us build the multinational brand we are today, from our humble beginnings we still retain what made us special.  We genuinely listen to our customers and suppliers around the world, bridging more than land to embrace languages and cultures, culminating in an unprecedented personal touch from a multinational corporation that cares.

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