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Who are we ?

As a preeminent top 3* distributor of electronic components in China, we have robust customer relationships with the majority of blue-chip enterprises across verticals.  The way we have remained relevant for decades and grown exponentially is demand creation. We seek out and supply the components to new disruptive technologies turning brilliant ideas into multi-billion dollar industry unicorns. 

*ESM China Ranking 2019

core competencies


Operating vertically in the high technology markets. With over a thousand years of combined Field Application Engineering (FAE) experience we can offer highly specialised product and service support.


A one stop location for suppliers to tap into the enormous Asian market through our 20 plus sales locatifons including 18 in China.


Demand Creation 

We have a world class FAE team specialising in both the analogue and digital hardware alongside the software for FPGA’s, MCU’s and MPU’s.   With our domain knowledge of vertical applications at the system level it allows us to support the opportunities for our customers not only today but also facilitate the disruption of tomorrow

From Our CEO

As consumers, we love how technology makes life easier for us. Facebook reminds us when our friends have a birthday. Alexa helps us easily reorder supplies when we’re running out of something. We can order personalized coffee drinks with our phones that are immediately ready upon arrival. AI alerts us when unusual activity occurs with our banks. But what about the future of technology?


Comtech is a subsidiary of the esteemed “Cogobuy Group”, publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under ticker SEHK: 400. Cogobuy provides an e-commerce platform for electronic goods in China with a global reach, operates the largest transaction-based e-commerce platform for IC and other electronic components in China as measured by GMV.  Like us Cogobuy are laser-focused on innovation and growth into new verticals to build the needs of the future today.

Create Your Own Story

The time to start is today, why wait till tomorrow.  We offer thought-provoking consultations to help you see things from a unique perspective. Our engineers have the experience and track record to help deliver on your vision.

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